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Golf can be a difficult sport to master, that's why we rely on the masters for helpful tips on our game. Also, see the most recent activities at the golf course and club.

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Course Clean-Up Day

Join us Saturday, April 6th, for golf course clean up. We appreciate everyone who is willing to lend a hand.

Talk about a "Hole In One"

Our very own President, Paul Ashe, made a hole-in-one on number 8 on November 21, 2018! I must say his swing is much better than Adam...

Pro: Top 5 Golf Practice Tips for 2018

#5 Ten Ball Game #4 5 point parallel #3 Shot Shaping #2 Strike down #1 Spray the face

Playing through at the parade!

Baxter Springs Golf and Country Club was represented in the Baxter Parade last weekend. It sure was a cool, windy day. Thanks everyone...

Pro: Chipping vs Pitching

"Chipping is a small enough swing that the wrist don't really get involved and there's little to no weight transfer. Whereas in the...

Pro: Tips 2 Hole It

Golf Digest published an article on 4 Putting Tips to Hole It. Putting tips: 1. Lead with your left 2. Think roll, not hit 3. Use your...

Ideal Event Rental Location

Friends and family: looking for a great location to have your next party or get together? Or want to support a great local business?...

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