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Golf can be a difficult sport to master, that's why we rely on the masters for helpful tips on our game. Also, see the most recent activities at the golf course and club.


Course Clean-Up Day

Join us Saturday, April 6th, for golf course clean up. We appreciate everyone who is willing to lend a hand.

Talk about a "Hole In One"

Our very own President, Paul Ashe, made a hole-in-one on number 8 on November 21, 2018! I must say his swing is much better than Adam...

Pro: Top 5 Golf Practice Tips for 2018

#5 Ten Ball Game #4 5 point parallel #3 Shot Shaping #2 Strike down #1 Spray the face

Playing through at the parade!

Baxter Springs Golf and Country Club was represented in the Baxter Parade last weekend. It sure was a cool, windy day. Thanks everyone...

Pro: Chipping vs Pitching

"Chipping is a small enough swing that the wrist don't really get involved and there's little to no weight transfer. Whereas in the...

Pro: Tips 2 Hole It

Golf Digest published an article on 4 Putting Tips to Hole It. Putting tips: 1. Lead with your left 2. Think roll, not hit 3. Use your...

Ideal Event Rental Location

Friends and family: looking for a great location to have your next party or get together? Or want to support a great local business?...